About Tween Chronic

Tweenchronic is made up of 2 girls by the name of Alison and Stacey from Los Angeles Ca.

Patrice Wilson was looking for a new girl group with a strong and powerful dynamic. He came across their profiles after a submission and casting that PMW Live had done and he immediately selected them without holding a physical audition.

Alison and Stacey had the look and image for the girl group “Tweenchronic” that Patrice Wilson had been searching for. The girls are also active in the acting and commercial world. Their first single called “Skiprope” will be released late December of 2012, following their 2nd single called “Jump”.

Tweenchronic are here to stay and are going to take the world by surprise, so get ready for the new epidemic. Are you ready to be Chronified?




Coming soon.

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